16.01.2018 г.
Detective Agency

Detective Agency "Absolute"
The Moscow detective agency "Absolute" carries out private detective activity in Moscow and Moscow Region, and as in other regions of Russia and abroad. Employees (private detectives) of our detective agency are professionals with the big theoretical and practical experience of detective activity directed mainly on search of people, getting of the information, the organisation and carrying out of external supervision (shadowing), private investigation, gathering of proofs, the practical help at problems connected with matrimonial incorrectness (change of the husband, change of the wife), a narcotism at children, search of debtors. You search for detective agency or the private detective is necessary to you – call to us. Professionalism! Confidentiality! Reliability! Ph. +7(495) 762-14-03
The Moscow detective agency "Absolute" - Professionalism! Confidentiality! Reliability!

We as on private and to economic problems put detective agency to ourselves a problem to render services to any consumer with well-founded interests.

Confidentiality, professional and a responsible approach to business are on the first place at us.

We carry out safety of business, (prevention of thefts, check of partners, personnel check, check of competitors, auditor check, business investigation etc.).

Safety of the concrete person (maintenance of protection private and home life, check on presence of listening devices, presence of the latent supervision, countersupervision, physical safety).

Search of people of missing persons, relatives and successors, and also search of swindlers and debtors is the basic direction of private investigation.

Gathering of the information concerning object of interest with use of databases and additional sources.

In view of full confidentiality we abstain from the description of results of the previous searches.

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+7 (925) 762-14-03

Юридическое агентство "Столичный регион"
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